Jubilee Week

In the Bible, the Jubilee is a time of joy and that’s what Jubilee Week is all about.  You may have had a good summer or a bad summer but regardless, Jubilee Week is an opportunity to come together before the start of the semester and enjoy the Lord together.  We really feel this will … Continue reading Jubilee Week

Start of the Bible Studies

Join us as we cover the topic of the Fine and Balanced Humanity of Jesus as seen in the gospel of Luke.  Join us as we explore this wonderful topic.  In a time where there are many celebrities and prominent figures are lacking in their humanity, let us look at the pattern of our Savior … Continue reading Start of the Bible Studies

Fall 2016 Celebration Meeting

This Fall semester 2016 at Cypress College was filled with wonderful times of mutual enjoyment of Christ with fellow Christians at Cypress College. We would like to share with you all this mini video that recaps all the glorious events of this semester. https://youtu.be/sD5C2ooLXmA Matthew 4:4 says, "…man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that … Continue reading Fall 2016 Celebration Meeting