Fall 2016 Celebration Meeting

This Fall semester 2016 at Cypress College was filled with wonderful times of mutual enjoyment of Christ with fellow Christians at Cypress College. We would like to share with you all this mini video that recaps all the glorious events of this semester. https://youtu.be/sD5C2ooLXmA Matthew 4:4 says, "…man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that … Continue reading Fall 2016 Celebration Meeting

Christians Students 2016 College Conference

The Divine Commission According to the Heavenly Vision | April 15-17 When Jesus appeared to the young man Saul of Tarsus He said, “I have appeared to you for this purpose, to appoint you as a minister and a witness both of the things in which you have seen Me and of the things in which I … Continue reading Christians Students 2016 College Conference

Spring College Conference

The Gospel of the Kingdom The goal of the gospel of God is to save us into the kingdom of God. In Luke 4:43, the Lord Jesus said, “I just announce the gospel of the kingdom of God,” indicating that the kingdom is the center of the gospel. The kingdom of God is the ruling, … Continue reading Spring College Conference

The Age of the Jubilee

Southern California Christian Students presents: Fall College Conferences: Nov 7-9 and 21-23, 2014 In the Old Testament age, God ordained that every fifty years would be a year of jubilee among His people (Lev. 25:8-17). During that year any man who had sold his land or had sold himself into slavery would be released from … Continue reading The Age of the Jubilee

Christ Revealed in the Book of Psalms (7)

Hi all, We'll have today our seventh Bible study on the book of Psalms at 12:00 pm in the Tech Ed. III, room 218. Lunch will be provided after. Title: The Highest Revelation of Christ  Psalm 110 1 Jehovah declares to my Lord,/ Sit at My right hand/ Until I make Your enemies/ Your footstool. … Continue reading Christ Revealed in the Book of Psalms (7)