Bible Study—Fall 2012
The Crucial Points of the Truth in Galatians (10)

The Two Kinds of Walk

Gal. 5:16 But I say walk by the Spirit and you shall by no means fulfill the lust of the flesh.
Gal. 5:25 If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.

Further readings: Gal. 6:16; Eph. 4:1-6; Rom. 6:4; 8:4; Phil. 3:17; Col. 2: 6-7.

In chapter five of Galatians Paul indicates that our only choice is to walk either by the Spirit or by the flesh. The flesh is the uttermost expression of the fallen tripartite man. If we try to keep the law, attempting to do good in order to please God, we shall be in the flesh, for the law is related to the flesh. The flesh is active not only when we do evil, but whenever we in ourselves try to do good, the flesh is active.

The Spirit is the ultimate realization of the processed Triune God. We have the all-inclusive life-giving Spirit in our spirit and we should live, walk, and have our being by this Spirit. We should not believe in our weakness, failures, or shortcomings but realize that the processed Triune God is in us right now as the all-inclusive Spirit. The way to be holy, to overcome sin, to be spiritual, and to have a life of prayer is simply to walk by the Spirit.

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1. What does it mean to walk by the Spirit?
2. What is the difference between the two walks in verse 16 and 25?
3. How can we fulfill these two kinds of walk in our Christian life?

Hymn (Tune)

I am crucified with Christ
And it is no longer I who liveth,
But it is Christ who lives in me;
And the life which I now live
In the flesh, I live in faith—
The faith in the Son of God
Who loved and gave Himself up for me.

And now I’m walking by the Spirit
Step by step, day by day,
O Lord, I love You.
You’re the precious One to me.
As I do this and that
Lord, remind me where You’re at;
You’re in my spirit,
Dispensing grace to me.

And now I’m walking by the Spirit,
Marching on toward the goal.
O Lord, Your purpose
Means everything to me.All self-love I lay aside
For the churches, for Your Bride,
For the fulfillment
Of Your economy.