We are in week 7 on our weekly Bible reading schedule.

Day Book
Lord’s Day: Matthew 17-19
Monday: Genesis 24-27
Tuesday: Judges 7-11
Wednesday: Psalms 18-20
Thursday: Job 13-14
Friday: Isaiah 34-39
Saturday: Romans 13-14

Witness Lee: Economy and Dispensing of God, Chapter 3

The Believer’s Receiving and Enjoying of Christ

Every living creature needs to grow and to mature. An inorganic object does not have life; hence, it does not need to grow. The human life is the highest life in God’s creation. Today, in addition to our human life, we have God within us as life. The divine life needs to grow all the more. The growth in life depends on the increase of the life supply. We need to receive the supply in the milk of the word. We also need to receive nourishment through the solid food. Many Christians do not grow. They are like a person with an ulcer: although they may eat a lot, they do not assimilate the food. When they come to listen to a message, they may criticize the speaker. Of course, this kind of person cannot receive the supply of life and cannot grow in life.

There are conditions to the growth in life. For a plant to grow, first, there is the need of sunlight; second, there is the need of air; and third, there is the need of water. After these things, there is still the need of nutrients and the soil. If they have these five things, plants can grow well. When we read the Bible, we see that Christ is the real soil; He is the good land (Col. 2:6-7). He is also the light, the air, and the water (John 8:12; 20:22; 7:37-39). At the same time, Christ is the food (John 6:27, 33). This food is our nutrient.

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